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Unicorn papercraft PDF

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Free unicorn papercraft PDF template download

Relax and build this magical unicorn papercraft decoration. You can even use it as a paper lamp!

Fun craft for for rainy days!

Difficulty: Difficult

11 parts

3 x A4 papers (or print to fit)

How to build model?

1. Print model on paper. For larger models, you can glue printed paper on another paper. You can use any paper or color you like.

2. Cut parts on the solid black line

3. Fold dotted lines:

 - dotted: fold points outside

 - dash-dotted: fold points inside

4. Match numbers and glue together

You will need..

* printer or printer shop

* coloured or patterned paper of your liking (optional)

* scissors or paper cutter

* glue stick

* some patience :)

Challenging unicorn paper craft for pepakura pros and patient people

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Unicorn papercraft PDF and instructions

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Unicorn papercraft PDF

0 ratings
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